Does finasteride affect muscle building and body fat? And does it cause swelling in the face?

Finasteride has no effect on muscle building. DHT is neither androgenic nor anabolic to muscle tissue. It is deactivated when it reaches muscle tissue by the enzyme 3-alpha hydroxysteroid reductase. Testosterone is the only anabolic hormone in the blood, although, as DHT plays some role in CNS function, it is normal to notice a slight decrease in explosive strength and contractile power when it is reduced, but no effect on transverse musculature hypertrophy. If anything, the slight increase in free testosterone provides a more anabolic environment for muscle tissue. Facial swelling is a reported side effect, especially when E2 levels increase, which allows more water retention to occur. If you are thin to begin with, then there will be less propensity for fat to accumulate intracellular fluids.

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